Apr 6 • 57M

"We all decided we were gonna join Twitter" | Ep 25 - Shay Snow (they/them)

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Learning how to gain XP & gold as a freelancer in the tabletop industry. Our host Friday takes us on a journey of learning from the best how to: design games, write, market, pro GMing and everything in between.
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I had the privilege of chatting with Shay Snow (they/them) who has been freelancing since 2020 and got their start from an open call on Twitter of all things. They're worked on Pathfinder, Starfinder, Coyote & Crow, and works as the Pathfinder Society Developer now!


Shay's site: https://shayjay.carrd.co/

Backwards Southern Gothic: https://backwards-games.itch.io/

Pathfinder Scenario 412 by Mahpiya (https://twitter.com/skymahpiya) (https://paizo.com/products/btq02ed6?Pathfinder-Society-Scenario-412-Negotiations-for-the-Star-Gun)

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