Aug 12 • 1HR 12M

"The Business of Being a Podcaster" | Ep 31 - James D'Amato (he/him)

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Dollars & Dragons
Learning how to gain XP & gold as a freelancer in the tabletop industry. Our host Friday takes us on a journey of learning from the best how to: design games, write, market, pro GMing and everything in between.
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Hello heroes! This ep we have James D'Amato (he/him) - the massively skilled podcaster and author! We talk about running a podcast as the President of the One Shot Podcast Network, running a Patreon, writing books, marketing books, the importance and differences between passive/reliable income, and shit talking Brennan Lee Mulligan! (I did not go to GenCon this year like I said I would.)

James’s new card deck is out now - CHECK IT OUT:

The Ultimate RPG Campfire Card Deck

Ultimate Role Playing Game: The Ultimate RPG Campfire Card Deck : 150 Cards for Sparking In-Game Conversation (Game)

RPGs that James recommends:

Phoenix Dawn Command

Phoenix Dawn Command Box


Ten Candles


For The Queen

Box Cover