In the interest of further dialog and clarification - I am not a troll, just trying to understand the issue more succinctly. What exactly is the problem with AI art? I ask this question because I see two (actually three issues) and I'm trying to clarify.

1) Is the issue with the manner in which the art was sourced? Because that was a clear violation and certainly worthy of scorn. At least the next generation of tools seem to be accounting for opt-in/opt-out technology (as far as I've heard)

2) Is the issue with the technology replacing traditional toolsets? I'm less inclined to support that because I've seen time again where technology has replaced the previous generation... Photoshop replaced painting, Computer Animation replaced hand drawn cell animation, computer colorists changed the comic book industry and even drum machines replacing drummers in music)

3) And what about this issue, that I don't hear many people discussing. Artist X trains an AI on all the artwork from past WotC publications, then uses that AI to generate artwork for a new WotC project (I know WotC is a bad example because of their new AI rules). Finally X redoes the work by hand (probably as a new layer in Photoshop). This scenario does two things, Increases likelihood of X's work being accepted because its based on past success, AND cuts down on preliminary sketch development time because the AI is doing all that work. For a while now, I've been seeing this as the most low-key issue because of unfair advantages between AI-savvy artists and non-savvy artists.

If you've read this far, thanks

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Somewhere out there I can hear DM Dave screaming after reading that title.

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