I really enjoyed this episode so much. Thanks for the interviews and your stories. One question, as someone who suffers so much from Imp Syn, when you say, interact with the community, can you elaborate the most effective ways. If you've addressed this in a past twitter thread (I try to follow your Friday threads), I apologize. Thanks, love all the work and contributions you make to this community

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Hey Eddie, I imagine this might be for Friday, but I’ll put my 2 cents here :)

First of all, I think figuring out how to interact with the community is *hard*, so I just want to validate that. Here's my semi-hot-take: pick a way to interact with the community that works for you and your life/communication style.

For example, Friday and I interact with the community differently. She’s more active on twitter, running a vibrant discord community, and making this podcast. The majority of my content is in longform substack posts that read a bit like tutorials (Can you tell I spent years writing technical courses?). I’m also very extroverted, so I get a *lot* of benefit from having a few close friends in the community. I made these friends through organizing a group project and meeting folks at Big Bad Con in 2022 (partially as a volunteer there, which is a way of engaging with the community that I really enjoy! Regardless, this required me to live near enough and get to the con)

This is all to say, be brave enough try out different communities and ways of connecting to start, then based on that, pick ways to engage with the communities that are rewarding enough that you will actually *do* it.

If you want broad practical advice though:

* Finding mentors and collaborators has be absolutely invaluable to me, both from a personal perspective but also professionally. I’ve seen (and applied) to a few open calls for mentorship - Luke Gearing has a mentorship app open right now for example: https://lukegearing.blot.im/mentorship-applications-open-2

* More thoughts on being new:

- https://jarofeyes.substack.com/p/gearing-up-for-collaboration (how to get started)

- https://jarofeyes.substack.com/i/119362464/where-are-you-going-to-find-people (where to find people) - I’d add Rising Tide to the list of Discords to check out https://linktr.ee/ttrpgrisingtide

* Literally everyone who’s trying to make money on TTRPGs has told me to make a newsletter. Sly Flourish has some advice about that https://mikeshea.net/marketing_your_rpg_product.html

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