Mar 1 • 1HR 27M

"A Marketing Director, but also a swamp bitch" | Ep 21 - Chelsea "Little Red Dot" Steverson (she/her)

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Learning how to gain XP & gold as a freelancer in the tabletop industry. Our host Friday takes us on a journey of learning from the best how to: design games, write, market, pro GMing and everything in between.
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Today we talked to Chelsea about her origin story, being the Marketing Director of Dad's Garage, her Twitch channel, Stitch Of Fate, working on Fallout: Winter of Atom, her work with Kobold Press, and other assorted Georgia swamp topics!

Chelsea is one of our writers on The Vineyard RPG, too!

Please note that Dot was promoted to Marketing Director at Kobold Press after the recording of this podcast!