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Dollars & Dragons is a game studio founded in 2022 to tell inclusive stories by empowering the voices of people marginalized by systems of oppression. We believe all art is political and we create it to drive social change. Our mission is to develop games which are fun, build community, and educate on differing perspectives through shared experiences. 

Team First

We put our money where our mouth is and invest in the creatives who develop the art we sell. By paying well: we allow our community to better take care of themselves, each other, and live fuller lives. By being fair: we build a culture of equity rather than leaving it as a bullet point in our future plans. By being kind: we maintain positive relationships with our contributors while creating the best possible outcomes.

Truth In Storytelling

Different perspectives are valuable. From veteran contributors to novices, there is a perfect person for every story to be told. We seek them out around the world and put them in the best position to succeed.

Integrity Of Leadership

There is not a second set of rules for the established members of our team. Every person is held to our code of conduct and ethical standards. When we do harm: we take responsibility and move forward with meaningful action.

About Friday

  • Full-time Game Master on StartPlaying.Games

  • ENNIE nominated game designer (2024, Best Adventure - Short Form)

  • Co-Creator & Director of The Vineyard RPG, a campaign setting and guide book for 5e and Tales of the Valiant - funded on Kickstarter! Pre-order on Backer Kit.

  • Helper-Outer for pro GMs & other tabletop professionals

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