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The Vineyard RPG Kickstarter

I’ve been working on this for a very long time and have had the pleasure of working with an incredibly skilled team to help elevate this dream into a reality. If you pledge in the first 24 hours you’ll receive an Early Bird special price. Time is running out!

What does corporate greed look like in a fantasy world? Presenting: The Vineyard RPG! Fight or join an undead criminal organization that expands its influence through monetary debts, blackmail secrets, and political manipulation.

Our book features 9 compelling villain dossiers each outfitted with a biography, plot hooks, lair, and stat block that you can integrate into over 20 locations. Resist undead corporate greed by fighting their influence or join them by signing a contract to gain power - for a price. Trade your darkest secrets for boons Their Majesty Aisling Rovehnna can grant, unlocking your dreams and nightmares alike.

Over 20 incredible industry pros have breathed undead life into the Vineyard RPG. But none of this would be possible without your support. We’re paying all of our contributors at above industry rates because unlike these undead villains: we aren’t maximizing profits over people.

Download our preview adventure The Tower of Atonement to join the playtest. Pledge during our Kickstarter campaign for exclusive pricing and additional limited tier rewards. Thank you for your support.

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